General conditions

Language requirements

Catalan and Spanish, UIB languages

There are two official languages coexisting in the Balearic Islands: Catalan and Spanish. Both languages are normally used in all areas of public and private life. Spanish is one of the most widely used languages in the world and it is a Romance language, like Catalan, which means that for someone who already speaks Spanish, learning Catalan is not difficult. This indifferent use of Catalan and Spanish can be also found in UIB.

However, the use of other foreign languages is also usual at the UIB when it comes to research stays, practicum or Master’s final project or thesis.

In order to help people adapt to both languages, the UIB organises Catalan and Spanish courses for Mobility Programme students.

Additional information:

Online application

When your University notifies us that you have been selected as an exchange student, you will receive an email from International Relations Service of the UIB with a username and an access key in order to submit your Application form online (open). 

Procedure, once you have completed your application form

  1. Confirm the application.
  2. The International Relantions Office will review all the applications, prepare the students' acceptance letter and send it to the student university of origin, if requested.
  3. The students have to complete the procedures to be able to come to Spain (visa application, health insurance, subjects to be validated, accommodation searching, etc).
  4. Students will join the UIB during the period provided in the academic calendar.
 Deadline to confirm the application:
  • For exchanges during the first semester or a complete academic course: June the 30th.
  • For exchanges during the second semester: November the 30th.

Information for university of origin

The university of origin sends the official nomination of the selected students to the International Relations Office (SRO) of the UIB through an email in which will be indicated:

  • Name and surname of the candidates
  • E-mail
  • Studies you would like to do at the UIB
  • Exchange period

The period to send the official nomination* is the following:

  • For the first semester or complete academic term: April the 30th.
  • For the second semester:  September the 30th.

*Later than this deadline, the UIB cannot guarantee the acceptance of the nominated students.


Welcome activities and additional information



For  exchanges during the first semester and annuals 2020-21: new


For  exchanges during the second semester 2020-21:

  • Welcome week dates:  waiting to be confirmed