UIB Mobility Mentoring Programme

Would you like to meet students from other universities?
Do you want to improve your curriculum vitae?
Do you want to improve your competences?

Do you want to favour your employability and professional integration?
Do you want to increase your own personal satisfaction and the feeling of helping others?
Do you want to enjoy your free time with other UIB students and students from other universities?

If you are answering yes to all these questions, you are interested in participate in the UIB Mobility Mentoring Programme.

The Universitat de les Illes Balears, through the Vice-Chancellor of students, graduates, and occupation, along with the International Relations Office, in cooperation with ESN Baleares SC Association, organizes the International Mobility Mentor programme for the academic year 2018-19, to develop cultural, academic and linguistic integration of the international students during their stay at the .

The Mentor programme, known in English as a Buddy System or Buddy Program, is already working at the UIB and in many higher education institutions from several European and non-European countries, and the UIB, that considers the internationalisation as a fundamental strategic line as an engine of success, incorporates this programme because it will contribute to its international repercussion.

With this purpose, we encourage ALL the UIB students, from any formal education, who want to share an enriching experience with your international partners, to participate.

Participate in this activity has several advantages, for example:

  • Getting academic recognition for the activities done in the Mobility Mentor International programme framework with ECTS credits. The Mentor student will get the academic recognition of three ECTS credits (3 ECTS) in the “recognised academic activities” of their education, in case the final evaluation has been satisfactory. To this effect, the student should dedicate 75 hours to these activities.
  • Improve your possibilities to participate in the UIB's mobility programmes. Because of that, the acquisition of this activity may be positively evaluated in the priorisation criteria for the assignment of places in the mobility call.
  • Improve your curriculum. The students who have passed the activity with an accreditation certificate of the activity as a Mentor, will be awarded by the Vice-Chancellor of students, graduates and occupation.
  • Improve your job opportunities. At present, when the companies choose the candidates for a job, they look for students with an international profile.
  • Increase your own satisfaction and the feeling of helping others.
  • Improve the transversal competences that will help you triumph in your employability and professional integration.
  • Favour the knowledge about your environment.
  • Meet other UIB students and students from other universities.
  • Participate in training and leisure activities.
  • Enjoy your free time with other UIB students and students from other universities.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the programme and participate!

For more information and registration: