Coronavirus: important notice

Incoming exchange students from foreign universities

The Italian Government has just passed a decree imposing some measures with the aim of avoiding the spread of the coronavirus disease, as several cases of infected people have been detected in different provinces of Northern Italy. Likewise, the first cases have also been reported in other countries.
If you come from any of these regions and have developed any flu symptoms like fever, cough or shortness of breath, we recommend you stay at home and call 061, which is the Health Emergency Service call number, and follow the instructions they will give you.
The UIB’s International Office team remain at your disposal to solve all doubts and answer all questions you may have. The UIB is in touch with the Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education of Higher Education (the Spanish National Erasmus+ Agency), as it may provide more precise instructions that might affect you. We are also on the alert for any possible announcement issued by the Italian universities—which, needless to say, we shall forward to you.

All best wishes,

The International Office team

Informació d'interès sobre el Coronavirus